Exhaust and Fuel Systems

Enjoy a Quiet Ride With a Good Exhaust System

Is your car's exhaust system creating a lot of noise when you start the engine? Bring your car to Von Essen's Towing & Repair for accurate and affordable exhaust system repair work. Let our ASE-certified mechanics ensure that your car's exhaust system is functioning smoothly.

Signs of a Problematic Exhaust System

If you hear loud rattling noises when you start, accelerate, or hit the brakes, it's time for you to visit our garage in Saint Peter, MN to get the exhaust system checked out.

Let us make sure your vehicle's exhaust system functions at peak levels at all times.

Rely on Our Fuel System Repair Service

Your car's fuel system must be regularly serviced and maintained to avoid any mishaps. Trust us to take care of your car's fuel system repair needs.

We provide other auto services as well including towing service, tire repair service, and electrical system repair service.
Visit us for same-day exhaust system repairs at 227 N Front St.
Improve your
vehicle's fuel efficiency
with our help.
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